How to Stop Eating Numbers

Sarah Lee, an Intuitive Eating Coach and Founder of Inside Out Eating discusses Numbers No More.


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  • The complex relationship with numbers —when applied to food and body can hold us hostage 
  • How to let go of counting numbers in Eating Disorder Recovery
  • Sarah shares her story about the shackles of the scale and her journey with the diet(s) that didn’t work; and how carrot cake haunted her in her dreams
  • How and what to eat in an effort to not calculate the calories or points
  • How to eat without the scale giving you permission
  • Ways we use numbers to find safety  
  • Counting Carbs
  • Counting Calories
  • Counting fat
  • Fit bit
  • Exercise machines
  • How to get into your bodies wisdom and recover the loss of trust from self as you clear out the old messaging

Sarah discusses her event with Southern Smash a non-profit that raises eating disorder awareness and spreads positive body image through its signature scale smashing events!

She shares the power of going cold turkey when getting rid of the scale; and proposes a challenge at the end of the show for anyone struggling with the obsession that occurs when numbers become the measure of internal value.  

Sarah offers coaching via Skype and is currently available for public speaking and the promotion of a body positive message through a weight-neutral mindset in the Destin, Florida area.  She may be reached at



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