How to Get the Most AMP in Your Recovery

A Webinar for Curbing Food Cravings, Negative Body Image, and Anchoring into Mindful Eating


If you are new to recovery or know you need to be in recovery from using food as a numbing agent, I want to extend a big invitation to you.  I want to offer you an opportunity to plug-in and level up in your awareness around what it takes to put the extra voltage in your journey towards recovering yourself while implementing proven strategies that help heal the belief that food or the lack of it is the solution to feeling good.

But first, I want to share with you the journey that led me towards inviting you to join me to deep dive into how to get the AMP in YOUR RECOVERY!

I have been known to get overly excited about the idea that everything in our universe started from a tiny particle and the density-related from those particles coming together forms hard, tangible, measurable results….I don’t debate that this is a miraculous and spiritual occurrence and totally calls for some sort of lab coat or white collar that I am not qualified to wear…but I do remain in awe of how awesome it all is, and I am really curious about how it all works.  

As a Licensed Counselor and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, I want solutions to my client’s issues.  This leaves me questioning a lot of unknowns in the field of Eating Disorders and Recovery as it relates to the relationship between the mind, body, and spirit. Specifically, I want to know what happens inside our bodies that are made of fluid, cellular particles, and hard bone when we decide to perceive our bodysuit as beautiful or…NOT?  

There is a study by Masaru Emoto that shows how water on a cellular level reacts positively or negatively to sound; and knowing our bodies are made up in part of water, wouldn’t it make sense to draw the conclusion that on a cellular level we could create an environment for our bodies to work for us instead of against us when we have certain thoughts and beliefs about what beauty is and what food does for us?

This might be a stretch for some, but it is just how my curiosity works with the wonder of how little we really know in regard to mind over matter within our body.  I hear countless stories from my clients that want to stop the vicious feast-famine cycle. They are desperate to be done with the negative self-talk and low self-esteem.

And here is the thing – when they surrender and approach food and body from an intuitive and mindful place – they see results!  As a disclaimer, the results are often soft, unmeasurable results – like peace-of-mind and joy.

I know that intuition and mindfulness is a key player in reclaiming mastery over our lives where food was once the funnel for derailing the mind off of the parts we didn’t want to think about and feel.  I do not know the scientific ramifications, but I know what I have witnessed with clients that learn to be in a relationship with themselves intuitively; they let-go of the obsessiveness of food, negative self-talk, and counting calories.

My questioning along this journey wonders what alchemy takes place in our bodies when we begin to use our intuition as the lens through which we view and perceive ourselves?  And….what does it take to get someone tuned into their ability to intuitively nurture themselves with food when they have spent years cycling through dieting, restricting, binging, or are fully diagnosable with an eating disorder?

I have spent several years using various models of therapy in my approach to food-related issues and found myself repeating a lot of the same concepts and exercises to get clients to engage and tune into their intuitive ability.   There is one path to recovery that works every single time:

Intuitively connecting to your inner knowing through using tools based on a higher-level, second-consciousness approach to self and life that stops old-patterning in its tracks!

The question then becomes, how does one define intuition for another person.  How do I, as a clinician, guide someone towards the intuitive aspects of self; to their inner knowing, the healer that lives within them?

This is why I created and extend the invitation for you to join me for a deep dive look into what it takes to Amp Your Recovery. Pull up a chair!

I wanted to create a system to help those that have questions and want answers about their struggle with their intuitive knowing as it relates to becoming mindful and intuitive in their approach with food and how they relate to their body.   For most of us, there comes a point in our life’s walk when we know we go off-line in our connection to the aspects of self that keep us on a path for our highest good, regardless of the red flags, and we end up questioning, as we flounder in our sense of, “I did it…again,” leading to, “what now?”

We look in the mirror and realize we are at the end of the road with old ways of relating to food and our body because the old way isn’t working.  These old patterns were set-up a long time ago, and we call a meeting with ourselves, collecting the power we have left, and start living life from a soul-centered and compassionate place within ourselves….and we seek help.

Amp Your Recovery is the window into what it takes to truly embody being able to approach food from an intuitive place.  The webinar is an hour long look into the outline of several of my coaching options with the many components required for giving space to YOUR higher wisdom.  There is a follow-along workbook, Seek, Sought, Found, to help you jot down those soul-prompting moments that speak to you, and have you recalling those flashbulb moments in your memory bank that you recognize as the potential propelling moment that’s been on repeat play for years. You can sign-up here.

Breaking free from the struggle with food, negative body image, and gaining a weight-neutral mindset requires strategy and soul and it has nothing to do with the scale, the calories, or the food itself.  Our bodies have a set-point for weight….as well as height!!

Amp Your Recovery outlines the strategies I use to help clients allow their body and mind the rest it needs to onboard a soul-full approach to align with SOUL CRAVINGS.

You will have an opportunity if you stay until the end to get in on the BONUS, my Amp Your Recovery Resource Guide to help you discover exactly how you go off-line and gain momentum towards what your Soul is craving just in case that isn’t within your conscious awareness; and you will get to dig deep into the individual ways that you have used food to mask feelings that are well-weighted to past beliefs.

Want more of a sneak peek into the webinar, listen to this episode on The Food Fight Radio Show to hear me discuss some of the highlights within Amp Your Recovery.

What I believe is once we surrender to the process of reclaiming and recovering ourselves on a spiritual soulful level, our contracted spirit expands and our set-point aligns.  The struggle is there to help you align with a simple, but juicy life lesson:


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