Why Shame is the Name of the Game in Recovery

An interview with Janice Gaunt, Author of The Shame Game.

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In this episode, you’ll hear more about:

  • Why Shame is the baseline that we must acknowledge in recovery
  • What the Shame Core is
  • Why acknowledging shame is so difficult and why some of the messages from childhood are impossible to live up to
  • Why people repeat the same patterns over and over
  • Exercises to help heal internal shame
  • The difference between shame and guilt
  • Why we have adaptations to our environment as a way to gain approval
  • The difference between needing and wanting approval
  • Permission to be imperfect in your recovered mindset
  • Holding compassion for others as they learn to balance the wounded adapted child and the functional adult
  • Forgiveness

Janice Gaunt is a Dallas based therapist and author of The Shame Game. Her book is aimed at helping others get beyond the adapted learned cyclical behavior that shows up when we have yet to recover the concept of abundance in our living.  

Janice discusses the role that shame plays in the adaptations one learns and acts out through behaviors that are learned patterns from childhood.  She presents the concept of the functional adult in her book, and throughout the interview, as an aspect of self that recognizes the flaws within oneself as inherently human. She discusses why the balance in recovery between these aspects of self is so hard when we have yet to recover the concept of abundance in our living.

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