You Want Recovery from Addiction and Co-occurring Disorders

Find out How Therapy Can Help You Heal

If you have been using substances and now find that not using them has left you with a lot of overwhelming feelings you are not alone. You may feel alone, but you aren’t.

You may be at your rock bottom and you maybe have found your way into a 12-step program and know you’re not alone but really struggle with the new lifestyle.

If you’re newly sober it is a raw and anxiety provoking feeling. Maybe~ you keep relapsing~

You may have stopped using substances and found that other issue’s have surfaced. You might have a co-occurring disorder such as an eating disorder, anxiety disorder, and/or depression.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Now that I’m sober, where is the reward? Sometimes I’m in more pain than ever before.
  • My emotions—sadness, anxiety, anger—are all over the place. I feel so out of control sometimes.
  • I feel like I have been turned inside out and have to learn to live a new way—a life without addiction–and I don’t know how.
  • It takes so much energy to fight the urge to drink or take drugs.
  • I miss my old friends.
  • I’m still struggling in my relationships. I can’t seem to be happy.
  • I can’t find peace within myself. Life is still too much of a struggle.
  • I still have many regrets—all that time I wasted while using drugs or alcohol.

If you can relate to one or more of the above, you have come to the right place…

Finding Peace and Happiness in your New Life is Easier when You are Determined to get to the Root…

First let me say that what you are going through is perfectly normal. When you stop using substances to cope, it takes time to build a new life that feels good…You might find that when you stop using substances, other issues come to the surface, maybe even a Co-occurring disorder.

When struggling with addiction or co-occurring disorders, the struggle is a mix of genetics and mindset. The genetics aspect of addiction is healed simply by acceptance and abstinence. Therapy for your addiction is successful when you are ready to work on your past trauma and your mindset. Recovery is something that last when you heal the underlying reasons that kept you in the loop of using to numb feelings.

If you are challenged with wanting to hide and deny your fears, live from a place of I can do it by myself, rationalizing, justifying, and minimizing….you’re stuck in old and worn out story and it doesn’t feel good.

It doesn’t have to be a struggle and you can absolutely begin to create and live out of a totally new story that you get to create. To do this, we need mentors, sponsors, and oftentimes a well-trained therapist. Guess what;

There are strategies on how to be successful in recovery.

To live from an intuitive, centered, and anchored place in each moment is a skill set. If you want to maximize your success with recovery and you can’t live one more day, doing the same old thing, expecting different results… make a change!

Change is necessary, but it doesn’t have to be so overwhelming and I can help show you how.

It may be that you need to heal some beliefs that drive you to want to numb-out through self-soothing strategies. If you are struggling with how to do that…
Imagine what it will be like when you have made the change.

Take a moment and allow yourself to really envision what life would be like.

I believe you can manifest that. I believe you can be totally accountable to yourself to create the life you want. I believe you can hold yourself in such an expansive way that you don’t get tripped-up by your thoughts and behaviors that have been self-limiting.

You will have more self-confidence, peace and hope. You’ll have better relationships and be able to reserve your energy for enjoying your life and planning for your future.

I know it’s rough right now, but as an addictions recovery counselor I can help…

Here Are Some Benefits of Addiction Counseling:

  • You will feel good about who you are and be easier on yourself.
  • You’ll heal past hurts, allowing you more freedom to live in the present.
  • You will feel more grounded and centered in yourself .
  • Your relationships will be so much better.
  • You will feel more at peace.
  • You can have the life that you never dreamed was possible before.

As an addictions therapist, I understand your challenges, your fears, your hopes and your dreams. I want to help you truly heal so that your problems with addition become part of your past.

I know you want that too, or you wouldn’t be here…

Embrace your recovery and take that next step to contact me?

Lorri Lancashire, provides services for clients wanting help dealing with recovery work surrounding relationships, eating disorders, addiction therapy, couples counseling, anxiety and depression counseling, and family counseling. Lorri’s therapy office is located on the Dallas North Tollway off of Lovers Lane in Dallas, Texas. She is available for phone sessions when travel is limited.