Reclaim Your Story is an offering of video, audio, experiential and writing prompts developed to help you become trauma-informed so that you can get out of the cycle of using food as a means of communicating your true hunger.

We all hunger for love and belonging and when we perceive we aren’t worthy or we are in the cycle of loneliness and pain due to the shame we have surrounding our value, we have trauma.

You may have begun using food or the lack of food to cope with the undercurrent of powerlessness you had in your environment growing up.  This course will take you through the educational aspects of why as children or as a young adult you decided to hyperfocus on using food as a method of communication.


It is traumatic to our nervous system and our attachment needs to not belong and to not have love and belonging in our life. I have recorded a series of video along with experiential prompts from the audio and included worksheets to help you begin to see the part of you that is a wise adult that can nurture and guide the part of you that reacts to life in the only way that seemed to make sense at one time.


If food is the numbing-agent of choice for you; Reclaim your Story is a way to learn to be in a loving relationship with the part of yourself that craves a best friend and that BFF is you!


Throughout the video, audio, and writing prompts there is help for you to learn how to begin to differentiate when the struggle with food began, and in a loving and nurturing way learn what it takes to have a sense of agency over your life and your relationship with food.

This is not a coaching or therapy program, this is a self-paced aid to help you begin to rediscover your intuitive natural self. Your relationship with food, if dysfunctional, is merely the awakener to something else in the undercurrent of your history that you did not know how to cope with or were powerless to deal with in whatever circumstance you found yourself in. 

This is what a trauma-informed lens allows: awakening you to the author that lives inside you

Once you become trauma informed, you are able to cultivate space and maintain a pause that allows you to separate out the old story from the one you want to create. This allows you to lovingly take the keys from the wounded parts of yourself and begin the journey through the lens of your wise adult.

The division between the parts of you that believe food brings some resolve, even if for a moment and the wise, intuitive you is a lifelong relationship you have with yourself. I want to help you gain a sense of separation between the story that has been written and help you learn to author a new understanding regarding the part of you that decided to use food to escape, self-sooth, or survive. 

Reclaim your Story is an opportunity for those that desire a way to get as much done on their own before they engage in the cost of weekly sessions,

Those that aren’t sure they are ready to quite the voice in their head about food but are curious,

Those that are in active therapy but don’t have a trauma-informed therapist in their area

Or those that are wanting to get on my calendar but want to jump-start the process of us working together


Reclaim your Story is not a replacement for therapy as there is great value in sharing your story with another person that is empathetic and able to hold your story with the compassion you have always deserved. Due to the self-paced nature of this online offer: if you find yourself overwhelmed, please seek counseling with a trained therapist in your area.