I am a big believer in self-reflection, digging to the root cause, solving puzzles (because I was never really good with numbers); my guess is since you’re here right now, you’re here because you have that same spirit within you, that same desire to dig deep and live from a place of resolution within yourself that you are, in each moment, able to bring your best self.

You’re here because you need a new strategy.

Solving the puzzle of your triggers, hang-ups, hiccups, learned patterns, negative coping skills, fear of conflict, or imperfections is next to impossible without a strategy.  Maybe you…

  • Need help with the overwhelming feelings you have with anxiety or depression—the feeling in your gut that doesn’t go away!
  • Have decided to try couples counseling because you feel stuck in the patterns of your current relationship.
  • You feel isolated in the relationship you’re in when it comes to communicating your needs and wants—if I had a strategy to communicate effectively, things would get better…or
  • You are going through a break-up and are freaking out with all your emotions and need help sorting out what’s next
  • You are in recovery from an eating disorder or substance abuse and you want to be accountable to the daily commitment but the old voice is so loud.

No matter where you are in your journey you know that you’re ready to have some relief from what isn’t currently working.
You want to live from a place of growth and abundance vs. lack and scarcity in your mindset.

You’re READY to approach your relationship with yourself and others from a place of empathy and understanding vs. all or nothing ways of relating.
But you just don’t know how to stop going in circles and make that your daily reality.

You feel stuck.

I have totally been there.

Here are some core beliefs that I use in my practice….

  • I believe we all have inherent value. I believe as adults we get to choose how we value ourselves and in turn allow others to value us. I believe that trauma in childhood and relationships can leave us with a sense that we are flawed and undeserving and I believe we can recover and shift our thinking, feeling, and behavior surrounding our sense of value and place in the world.
  • Within my core I believe we all have gifts and that once you recognize yours, you won’t act out in ways that sabotage your ability to be attuned to using them daily.
  • I believe we are all connected and the ripple effect of your joy is an immense contribution to our planet and I commit to helping you recover your joy…yes I have been known to hug a tree.
  • I believe in being taught by those that are pioneers in my field. I travel to professional training’s and spend a lot of time cultivating my own therapeutic judgment, intuition, and tools regularly to make shifts happen for those that honor me with the trust of being a part of their journey.

Here is the deal that I am willing to make with you: I will hold safe space for you to tell your story, transcend where you might be holding yourself limited, give you the skill set to chose differently if you want to, and I will be patient and loving and kind while you learn to shift into a larger state of awareness.

About Lorri


My name is Lorri Lancashire and I love being able to empower those that connect with me to live courageously, embrace, transcend, and love themselves as they begin their journey of leaving their imprint on the world!

How this became my life?

In 1987, I knew what I had to do in life. I had to empower and stand up for those that didn’t know how to communicate well, I needed to help the voiceless and those that were feeling powerless—-I was fourteen years old and my mom had enough of my bad attitude. She took me to my first therapist.

Now, I have been told that my 14-year-old self remembers this story a bit differently than my mom does, but here is how it went in my mind:

My therapist, with me in the room, looked at my mom and said, “I am not sure she is fully the problem”. He had my attention. My mom actually got in therapy and she did what one of my mentors, Terry Real, suggests— She faced the fire of the generational passing down; she had the courage to turn and face the flames; bringing peace to the children that follow…..

Eventually, I did find the peace with my teenage attitude. I became a therapist to help others have the courage to face the fire of what has been handed off to them to heal in their own generational family of origin.

I know we act out our pain. I’ve done it. I know we find relationships to mirror our pain back to us until we heal it for ourselves and that we could spend a lifetime projecting our pain onto another person. I also know that sounds miserable so I choose not to live like that.

I am specialized in relational therapy through the Relational Life Model developed by Terry Real. My aim is to help couples recognize their losing strategies and move into relational living and partnership.

I am a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist through the International Association of Eating Disorder Specialists. I help individuals in a variety of ways, as an Eating Disorder diagnosis has elements that aren’t the same for each person. This is highly individualized therapy and I often work with a dietician utilizing a team approach to ensure recovery.

I work with addiction issues, as it relates to relationships, as I have been around the field of recovery for many years and have been on a team of clinicians to evaluate substance abuse cases for the Family Courts in Dallas, Tx.

To fulfill the desire to help those with less power and choice in their lives, I am a certified Parent Facilitator/Coordinator and work with families to develop strategies and parenting plans through the divorce process; so that children of divorce get a sense that mom and dad can effectively co-parent.

I began writing a blog to reach a larger audience since it takes a lot of us time to decide that the time is NOW to do the work and it gives me a way to connect with those that I might not get to otherwise. I cover topics on relationships, recovery guidance and healthy mindset strategies.

I am the founder of High Vibe Soul Society, an online eating disorder coaching program for women to help them maintain a recovery mindset as they enter into recovery.

I have two kiddos that are almost grown and raising them has been my biggest success in life.

All that said….I am a big believer in purpose. I like to have a goal and a sense of working towards something. I love my job as I get to connect with people in ways that otherwise wouldn’t happen and I invite you to be a part of my email list community so that you can get information and invites to any free, live workshops I host online as well as my newsletter or any free worksheets, e-books and more.

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I hope we get to connect. I am inspired and in awe of each courageous step you make each day to spread your joy as it is unique to you and every little bit counts… Thank you.


If you want to know the in’s and out’s of my educational and training background here it is….

I graduated with a BA from the University of Texas in Arlington in Psychology, and received my MA from Argosy University in Professional Counseling. My license to practice as a counselor is through the State of Texas and my licensure number is LPC #65561.
My postgraduate training consist of training with some pioneers in my field:
Pia Mellody at the Meadows in Arizona for Post Induction Therapy Terry Real with the Real Life Institute for RLT therapy training The Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy training I have continued to maintain my specialization for being a Certified Eating Disorder through the International Association of Eating Disorder Specialist by attending their symposium trainings across the country. I received my training in Parent Facilitation and Mediation through Abilene Christian University and Manusso Mediation.


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Lorri Lancashire, provides services for clients wanting help dealing with recovery work surrounding relationships, eating disorders, addiction therapy, couples counseling, anxiety and depression counseling, and family counseling. Lorri’s therapy office is located on the Dallas North Tollway off of Lovers Lane in Dallas, Texas. She is available for phone session when travel is limited.